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What Is Hospitality Photography?

Stand out from the Crowd
Stand out from the Crowd

Hospitality photography is different to other types of photography, we are required to wear many different hats!

Depending on the shoot a hospitality photographer could be required to produce a range of images, from creating cozy looking bedrooms full of ambience, to clean and formal events rooms, exciting and atmospheric restaurants and bars, to food images that pop! As well as capturing scenes that really highlight architectural significance of buildings, and lifestyle images so potential guests can picture themselves at your site.

As you can see, there's a lot a hospitality photographer has to cover - all of it with an aim to capture the essence of your hotel.

Having high quality photography has never been so important. More and more guests are booking through avenues such as OTA's and social media, which means your images are the first impression of your business - It's important that they inspire potential guests to want to see more!

It's important that your images inspire potential guest to want to see more!

So, aside from capturing and highlighting the intangible elements of your business, what else does a hospitality photographer need to do?

They would require to sit down with your management and marketing teams to discuss your hotel brand and the voice you want to portray. A discussion would also be required to find out the type of images required for not only your website but also social media platforms, and any you may need for print.

Ideally we want to create imagery that will make your guests book directly with you and away from OTA's.

Finally, It's also essential for a hospitality photographer to keep up to date with current hotel trends and what's happening overall in the industry.

I am lucky enough to have worked in the hotel trade for over 10 years and know what guests look for, as well as how to go about completing a shoot with minimal impact to your business.

If you would a commitment free discussion regarding possible images you would like for your marketing then please feel free to get in touch.

Thank for taking the time to read this post.



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