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Ways To Stay Motivated

It's hard to keep motivated at times. I often find myself going through slumps, have difficulty focusing, start to feel like i'm not moving forward.

When researching photography online (and in books) I'm often looking for how things are done, seeking out those tips and tricks. However, after a while I need to stop, take a step back, and think about the 'why' instead.

Knowing how to do something may provide motivational bursts every now and again, but the why! The why is what keeps you (or at least me) motivated.

Once you know why you're doing something, not only do you feel more inspired but you will likely inspire others while doing it.

There's a couple of go-to channels I head to when I hit that slump (All on Youtube):

First Up is Sean Tucker - Sean's videos always inspire. He provides the perfect balance of knowledge and reason, giving us an insight into his past and why he loves to do what he does.

He's incredibly genuine and If you haven't come across Sean before I highly recommend you give him a visit!

Second is Chris Gouge - Chris has taken a different approach in his videos. He doesn't go too much into technique, how he gets the shots he gets. Instead he is highlighting his personal journey towards his dream - becoming a full time travel photographer. He's a big believer of chasing what you truly want in life and is showing us what it takes to get there - through the highs and lows! There's always an adventure to be had!.

I've been on a few amazing adventures with Chris, and can honestly recommend his channel for anyone looking for a truly genuine and honest approach to becoming a professional photographer!

(Picture Courtesy of

And the third is a channel my wife got me hooked on - Mango Street

These two are cool.... and if there is any thought as to why myself and my wife should be photographers.... it's to be like these two!

Their videos are short and to the point, perfect for when you just need that quick hit of inspiration!

Well, that's it from me today.

Thanks for reading!



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