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Watt Nutrition - Commercial Food Photography

One of the more challenging jobs I've had prior to lockdown is with Watt Nutrition. This was not a job I normally aim for, but nevertheless was happy to take as it gave me the perfect opportunity to practice some food photography for commercial use.

I was requested to create some high quality imagery they can use for mostly online use to promote an up and coming protein bar company based in Wales - Watt Nutrition.

Now, I don't know if many of you have tried to photograph protein bars, but they are not the most appealing looking product to photograph.

After some thought I decided to approach from two angles - the first would be to create a collection of images highlighting the baking side of the business, focusing on some ingredients and trying to get a warmer feel to the images (and would also give me the opportunity to work on my food styling game!). The second was to experiment a bit and hopefully get some dynamic edgier images - Images to motivate and inspire, to catch peoples eye.

The second experiments would take a bit more work and some photoshop wizardry... but worth it in the end!

As the first lot of images were simpler to create, once I had a few of the ingredients and a couple different types of backdrops, I was able to produce several in one 2 hour shooting session.

After trying a few different compositions I decided to keep things simple - kept the bars tidy and spread some of the ingredients (as well as other props) around.

There is nothing too special about these images, but they are easily used for more passive pictures on their website and have a more personal feel to them - Hopefully creating a connection with the viewer, highlighting effort that has gone in to making these bars as well as showing the different types on offer.

The second set of images were more challenging and took a bit of planning, but once I had a workable set-up in place I was good to go :)

After several hours of shooting, destroying several protein bars and creating one hell of a mess... I composited a variety of images and created these:

These images are to be used more strategically. The aim is to inspire the viewer - Motivate them to take action! (At least that's what I hope they'll do).

After finishing these images, i decided to do a couple more, but more focused on the healthier aspect of the bars - with the target audience being those dieting or not only looking to get fit but also lose weight. For these I simply added a tape measure and played around a bit :)

As always, thanks for taking the time to read!



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