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Property Photography - Attention to detail guarantees success!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One of the first lessons I learnt in my first hotel job is that attention to detail guarantees success!

It is something that one of my first managers taught me, and it stuck.

Getting up close and personal, focusing on the details, can be a great strategy when photographing businesses like hotels and restaurants.

I often find myself switching gear - removing the wide lens and opting for a zoom - it provides the opportunity to hone in, to notice things I didn’t notice when shooting the whole room. This in turn allows me to fully appreciate a business and what it has to offer!

Being able to provide images that are both wide (showing the whole room) and close up (maybe highlighting a special feature that could have been overlooked) allows the company to fully advertise their business, as well as providing potential customers something they may not see when viewing the whole room - Maybe it's the brand of toiletries on offer, or certain amenities and furnishings in the bedroom, certain special features within the building - it's attention to the details that really make the overall image of a property, and will inevitably help your business stand out.

It doesn't end with just taking the photo, it's also important in post processing. Being able to remove distracting elements that may have been missed during the shoot is vital when creating the final images.

Photo editing has proven invaluable in my work and is for many other businesses - It can take just one little oversight to put off a potential customer, or maybe is something that can't be removed during the shoot (e.g. a pesky street light), photo editing can solve this problem and remove any distractions from the message that needs to be portrayed.

See my Before & After page for examples.

I'll talk more in a future post regarding image editing, but for now - Thank you for reading!



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