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On a Shoot with Jeremy Rata from Hospitality Photographic

I’ll start off by saying all images on this post were shot and are owned by a Jeremy Rata from Hospitality Photographic.

I was lucky enough to assist an outstanding and well established photographer Jeremy Rata. Jeremy’s company (Hospitality Photographic) has shot for many companies and prior to the lockdown he generously offered to let me assist on a couple of shoots - A chance to learn from someone who is well established in the industry! 😀

One was in Glasgow getting lifestyle images for a project and the other was at a hotel in Edinburgh.

(©️Jeremy Rata)

I‘m a big fan of Jeremy’s style and learnt a lot during my time with him.

Previously on my own shoots I often merged two, maybe three, images together to produce the final image. However after working with Jeremy I’ve learnt to really push this process to extremes - sometimes merging up to thirty images for one shot! 😮

These images really make customers stop and look! Providing the ‘wow’ factor.

Another great tool I learnt was to think outside the box (or at least, think outside of the area we were shooting!).

Problems arose but Jeremy always came up with a creative solution! Things like annoying street signs that could prove time consuming in post processing - swing them around! (just don’t forget to swing them back afterwards!), buildings in the distance underexposed and taking away appeal from the final image - grab a strobe, head across the street and quickly blast them with them to get a bit of exposure! Plenty of situations like this come up and how you deal with them are what I think distinguishes a pro from an amateur. I’ll no longer restrict myself with thinking some things are out of my control and accepting that my images will just have to make do with how they are - nope! There is always a creative solution/ work around to be found 👍

(©️Jeremy Rata)

Jeremy has recently reached out to the hospitality community and generously offered 6 free photo shoots to help them get back on their feet post Covid-19.

A lot of work goes into his shoots and he produces extremely high quality imagery for marketing purposes - this is a great opportunity for those hotels!

I‘ll hopefully have opportunities to work with Jeremy more in the future!

check out his work at his website here:

Hospitality Photographic


Don’t forget to give him a follow on social:

Ben & Jeremy Instagram

Jeremy Rata Instagram

(All images ©️ Jeremy Rata)

As always, Thanks for reading!


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