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Keeping Busy During The Lock-down - A Photographer Stuck At Home

Routines getting old? Boredom setting in? It's hard to keep busy during the lockdown, but luckily the majority of us have access to the best invention since sliced bread - The internet! Filled with countless resources, now's never been the best time to dig in and really explore what's out there. Personally I've been using this time to develop in a number of ways, building on my commercial photography business - experimenting more with home studio lighting set-ups (mainly for portraits), developing my composition game (mainly through Still Life and food photography), and building my stock portfolio.

Here's a few of the images I've created while I #stayhome

I've come across many tutorials and guides online that have helped me. See below for links to just some of them:

Adorama TV Youtube Channel has been a great resource to learn about lighting set-ups for myself! They have a ridiculous amount of videos uploaded, head to the created playlists for specific topics - search for guys like Mark Wallace & Gavin Hoey. I have learnt a lot from them :)

Amateur Photographer has a great article on Composites - I really enjoyed reading this, it's a great one for while we're stuck at home! Click here to see it: Create Killer Composites Expert Photography also has a great article on composition for Still Life - You can see it here: Still Life Composition

For those that prefer video over articles check out Youtuber - The Bite Shot Joanie does a great job creating content that is both inspiring and easy to follow. After watching a couple of her videos you'll be keen and eager to try out some of those new found tips and tricks!

There is plenty of videos to go through, but so far I've really enjoyed: DIY Backdrops for Food Photography 5 Flat Lay Tips for Food Photography 8 Hacks for Placing Utensils in Food Photography These are just some of the resources I've been taking advantage of to keep myself busy through quarantine.

If you've got any other great resources - Let me know!

As always, thank you for reading :)



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