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Hospitality Colleagues - Pay What You Can Special Offer

A quick message to all the hospitality stars who have recently been made redundant in and around Edinburgh.

Have you decided now's the time! You're taking the first step and starting your own business!?

If so, get in touch!

I'd love the opportunity to help you by providing imagery for your marketing requirements.

Get in touch, let me know what business you would like to start. If I can help, i'll be more than happy to waive my usual rate. Once I've provided the imagery you can pay whatever you can spare.

I'm very aware how difficult it is ( as well as daunting!) to start a new venture. The financial risks, time commitments, and motivation to keep going are just some of the issues that you are faced with.

Having spent most of my working life in hotels, it's been really difficult to see a lot of my friends and colleagues in the industry being made redundant. Although, the knock on effect has affected more than just hospitality it feels particularly unfair for those who have committed to the industry - notorious for long and erratic hours, low pay, and a generally low public opinion regarding it as a career choice, little respect overall.

In light of this I decided to create this special offer.

No tricks or hidden fees - schedule permitting and you are based in the Edinburgh (alternatively it could be an option for me to shoot the images from my home studio, depending on the job), if you were made redundant and are planning on launching your own business get in touch!

Cheers for reading!

All the best and stay safe.

Kind regards,


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